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Research retreat 2011

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Gillian Griffiths

David Rubinsztein

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David Ron

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Jim Huntington

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CIMR opening

Planning the institute

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Robin Antrobus


Linda Wicker

Tony Green

Tony Green in office

Janet Deane

Stefan Marciniak

Folma Buss

Patrick Maxwell

Fiona Karet

Evan Reid

Andres Floto

Paul Luzio

Margaret Robinson

Symeon Siniossoglou

Geoff Woods

autophagy model

Schematic overview of autophagy

Rubinsztein lab

The Rubinsztein lab

Pablo Moreno Cortez

Reiner Schultz

James Nathan

Paul Lehner

Matthew Seaman

Deane lab

Deane lab structure

Deane lab schematic

Folma autophagy

Fiona Gribble

Frank Reimann

David Owen

Katrin Ottersbach

Haploid screen

Joh Todd

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Students in the Infection, Immunity and Inflammation PhD programme

Lucy Raymond


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Autophagy buss lab

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Ken Smith

2014 research report

CIMR happy hour

CIMR happy hour

Stern talk

Huntington in lab

Cambridge Science Festival

John Trowsdale

Peter St George Hyslop

Randy Read

Sadaf Farooqi

Christopher Rudd

Stephen O'Rahilly

Damian Crowther

Sergey Nejentsev

Ken Smith

Retreat poster session

Early CIMR building

PhD students 2103

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Microscopy at festival

Colouring at festival

School visit

Gillian making crystals

Janet at scope

Brian Huntly

Research retreat 2014

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Alison Schuldt

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Cytometry team

Cytometry data


A unique partnership between basic and clinical research, aiming to understand the cellular basis of disease

New publications


Reid lab (J. Cell Biol. 2017)

ER-endosome contacts and lysosome function in HSPs


Ron lab (BMC Biol. 2017)

Tracking ER hydrogen peroxide.


Rubinsztein lab (Brain 2017)

Autophagy upregulation as strategy for tauopathies.


Read lab (PNAS 2017)

Predicting crystal structure success.


Maxwell lab (PLoS Genet. 2017)

Altered mitochondrial RNA translation in kidney disease.


Rubinsztein lab (Neuron 2017)

Autophagy in neuronal health and disease.


Buss lab (PNAS 2017)

Cytoskeletal control by myosin VI motor directionality.