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International Women's Day

International Women's Day: March 8th 2017

Professor Lucy Raymond:

In many ways it was an ordinary day. We had our routine weekly lab meeting where a post doc, research assistant/PhD student and medical student on placement presented their data and we looked through our current results. We have recently begun a project performing rapid whole genome sequence analysis of sick children from the neonatal intensive care unit in Cambridge University Hospital and we were all hungry to look at the first preliminary results. For one baby girl born we have identified compound heterozygous rare variants in a gene associated with ciliary dyskinesia with or without situs inversus and laterality defect. This little girl has a complex heart defect and we all got excited that this may be the answer for the parents of this child. Of course, we now need to do lots more work to confirm this first initial observation and it may well turn out that this is not the answer.

At the end of the meeting we stopped to note that all of us doing the science are women, we represent four different nationalities and we have potentially provided an answer for a mother, father and newborn daughter who is so sick. This was a memorable day and a recognition of the progress we have made both in science and by women in science since by DPhil studies in the 1980s. We have much to celebrate.

Raymond group 2017

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