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Director: Gillian Griffiths

Deputy Director: David Rubinsztein

International Scientific Advisory Board.  Advises the Director, the Regius Professor and the Institute Management Committee on the research strategy and progress of the CIMR, its principal investigators and recruitment.

2016-2017 board:

Chair: Professor Doreen Cantrell (Chair, University of Dundee, UK)

Professor Michael Hall (Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland)

Professor Fred Hughson (Princeton University, US)

Professor Erik Jorgensen (University of Utah, US)

Helen Saibil (Birkbeck College, London. UK)


CIMR Committees:

Governance Committee. The Director and Deputy Director report to the Governance Committee, which acts as an oversight committee and comprises heads of University departments with staff in the CIMR. The Governance Committee is chaired by the Regius Professor of Physic (Head of the Clinical School), Patrick Maxwell, and reports to the Faculty Board. Current members are  Gillian Griffiths, David Rubinsztein, Eamonn Maher, Ken Smith, Geoffrey Smith, Stephen O'Rahilly, Tony Green, Alastair Compston, John Todd, Bruce Ponder and John Danesh.

Institute Management Committee. Includes six PIs (each appointed for 3 year periods, not immediately renewable), together with the Deputy Director and CIMR Administrator, and is responsible for PI recruitment, space and resource management. Current members are Gillian Griffiths (Chair), Sarah Smith, David Rubinsztein, David Owen, Margaret Robinson, James Huntington, Brian Huntly, David Ron,  Ashok Venkitaraman (Hutchison/MRC Research Centre) and Mariann Bienz (MRC LMB).

General Purposes Committee. Chaired by the Deputy Director, and reports to the Institute Management Committee. The General Purposes Committee includes six PIs not on the Institute Management Committee (each appointed for 2 year periods), is responsible for the running, maintenance and distribution of funds for core equipment, and receives reports from core equipment user groups, floor PI meetings, the IT manager, the Laboratory/Facilities Manager and the Institute Safety Committee (which is chaired by the Director). Current members are David Rubinsztein (Chair), Neil Kent, Dave Cheesman, Jonathan Wilson, Judy Brown, Lucy Raymond, Evan Reid, Frank Reimann, Bertie Gottgens, Symeon Siniossoglou, Andres Floto, Francesca Nice and George Giotopoulos.


 Gillian Griffiths, CIMR Director


 David Rubinsztein, CIMR Deputy Director