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CIMR is a cross-departmental institute of the University of Cambridge. Overall 60% of our funding is from the Wellcome Trust. We also receive significant funding from the MRC (~11%) and other sponsors, including international charities linked to the disease areas that are studied at CIMR.

Wellcome Trust Strategic Award. Our CIMR Wellcome Trust Strategic Award has made it possible to improve key technical facilities, with the purchase of a new super-resolution microscope and equipment for quantitative biophysical analysis of protein interactions.  This funding also provides the salary for the support staff who run these core facilities.

How to support CIMR. Our research relies on continued support from numerous sources. If you would like to support CIMR, your funding could be used to:

  • provide essential funds for research in a particular disease area
  • establish a named fellowship for recruitment of an outstanding scientist
  • provide new equipment for use of a cutting-edge technique

To discuss how to make a donation to CIMR, please contact our .




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