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Research retreats

The annual CIMR research retreats are for CIMR staff, invited guests and members of the Management Committee.

Research retreat 2017

This year's retreat on March 28th was again at the Hinxton Genome Campus. Prizes were awarded to Anna Miles (Nathan lab) for the best student poster and to Alexandra Davies (Robinson lab) for the best student talk. The Marciniak lab also received the new Public Engagement Award, in recognition of their fantastic efforts in school visits, festival events and outreach seminars.

Retreat group 2017


Retreat e 2017  Retreat-h-2017  retreat a 2017

Retreat f 2017  Retreat b 2017  Retreat d 2017

Retreat-h-2017  Retreat i 2017  Retreat g 2017

 (photos by Keith Heppell:

University of Tokyo retreat 2017

University of Tokyo retreat


Researchers from the Marciniak, Woods and St George-Hyslop groups at the CIMR were invited to participate in a retreat with the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in January 2017. After a symposium on international collaborations at the University, a two-day research retreat was held in Hakone – inspiring science and magnificent views of Mount Fuji!

Research retreat 2016

This year's retreat celebrated 40 years of research achievements by John Trowsdale, who presented the 'Haynes manual of the immune system' and the insights gained during this time into how the position of a gene in the genome influences its function. In the evening, another of John's many talents -  gypsy jazz music - was highlighted at a drinks reception.

Trowsdale group retreat 2016 

Retreat 2016 panel a  Retreat 2016 panel g  Retreat 2016 panel c

Retreat 2016 panel d  Retreat 2016 panel h  Retreat 2016 panel f

Retreat 2016 panel e  Retreat 2016 panel m  Retreat 2016 panel k

 (including photos by Keith Heppell:

Research retreat 2015


 Retreat 2015 panel b  Retreat 2015 panel d  Retreat 2015 panel e

 Retreat 2015 panel a  Retreat 2015 panel c  Retreat 2015 panel f

 Retreat 2015 panel g  Retreat 2015 panel h  Retreat 2015 panel i

Institut Curie-CIMR Young Researcher Retreat 2015

June 21-24 2015

This joint retreat for students and postdocs held at the University of Kent provided a fantastic opportunity to foster new interactions between the two institutes, building on their closely aligned research strategies - to partner fundamental understanding of cell biology with clinical research. 60 young researchers of the two institutes gathered over three days to discuss their research through speaker presentations, poster sessions and additional skill building sessions (including an evening science quiz!).  Invited keynote speaker presentations were given by Franck Perez (Institut Curie), James Nathan (CIMR), Tony Kouzarides (Gurdon Institute, Cambridge) and John Duncan (MRC cognition and brain science unit, Cambridge). A special session on industry and research funding included talks from Bethan Jones (ERC funding, Cambridge) and Philip Murphy (Experimental Medicine imaging, GSK) and a roundtable discussion. Organized by the student and postdoc committees of the two institutes, this retreat provided a unique training experience. Additional vital funding was provided from the Paris Sciences et Lettres-Cambridge agreement, Researcher Development Fund and Labex.

Curie retreat group
photo by Sudarshan Gadadhar

Research retreat 2014


Research retreat 2014