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Cambridge Institute for Medical Research



A list of potential PhD Supervisors at CIMR for the Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine Doctoral Training Programme in Medical Research (DTP-MR):

Name Research Topic
Professor Folma Buss Molecular mechanism of myosin motors in health and disease - from malaria to neurodegeneration
Dr Janet Deane The role of sphingolipids in health and disease
Dr David Gershlick Characterising the secretory pathway machinery
Dr Zuzana Kadlecova Integration of NAK kinases with membrane trafficking machinery
Dr Delphine Larrieu Reversing nuclear envelope dysfunction in premature ageing syndromes
Professor Stefan Marciniak The role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in disease
Professor Julian Rayner The molecular mechanisms of malaria infection
Professor Randy J Read FRS Methods for structural biology
Professor Evan Reid Unravelling the molecular pathology of axon death
Professor David Ron MD, FMedSci, FRS Protein folding homeostasis in the endoplasmic reticulum
Professor David Rubinsztein FMedSci, FRS Autophagy and neurodegeneration
Dr Symeon Siniossoglou Linking phospholipid metabolism to membrane and organelle function
Professor Alan J Warren FMedSci Mechanisms of ribosome assembly
Professor Michael Weekes Innate immune evasion by intracellular pathogens