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3I core topics

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A unique partnership between basic and clinical research, aiming to understand the cellular basis of disease

New publications


Weekes lab (Cell Rep. 2017)

Dynamic organellar maps in primary neurons.


Ron lab (Mol. Biol. Cell 2017)

IRE1a sensing of membrane aberrancy.


Lehner lab (Nature 2017)

Control of anti-tumour immunity.


Weekes lab (Cell Rep. 2017)

Temporal proteomics of EBV replication.


Read and Deane labs (Nature Comm. 2017)

Structural insights into Hunter syndrome.


Lehner lab (Nature Genetics 2017)

MORC2 in epigenetic silencing by HUSH complex.


Buss lab (Cell Rep. 2017)

MYO6 organization of signalling endosomes.


Rubinsztein lab (Nature 2017)

PolyQ protein control of autophagy.