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Nathan web 2018

2-OG dependent dioxygenases as oxygen/metabolite sensors. 2-OG-dependent dioxygenases are a diverse group of around 60 enzymes involved in processes such as collagen synthesis, ribosome modifications, HIF signalling and chromatin remodelling. Our studies focus on 2-OG dependent dioxygenases involved in HIF signalling and chromatin remodelling: PHDs- prolyl hydroxylases, FIH – factor inhibiting HIF, TETs - ten-eleven translocation enzymes (hydroxylate 5-methylcytosine), and JHDMs - Jumonji-domain containing histone demethylases.
Nathan web 2018
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New publications


Nathan and Lehner labs (EMBO Rep. 2018)

Overlapping E3 ligase function in the ER.


Robinson lab (PLoS Biol. 2018)

AP-5 in endosome-to-Golgi transport.


Robinson lab (Nature Comm. 2018)

WDR11 in Golgi vesicle tethering.


Buss lab (EMBO Rep. 2018)

The myosin VI interactome.


Buss and Nathan labs (Dev. Cell 2018)

Myosin VI-driven actin cages in mitophagy.


Deane lab (Nature Comm 2018)

Structural insights into GALC-SapA sphingolipid processing.


Ron lab (Cell 2017)

Chaperone control of the unfolded protein response.


Ron and Read labs (eLife 2017)

AMPylation inactivation switch for ER chaperone.


Robinson and Owen labs (JCB 2017)

Adaptor control of acidic cluster protein sorting.