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Royal Sociey Award

last modified Jul 18, 2019 09:17 AM

Royal Society

Congratulations to Gillian Griffiths who has been awarded the Royal Society Buchanan Medal in recognition of her groundbreaking research establishing the fundamental cell biological mechanisms that drive cytotoxic T-cell (CTL) killing.

 CTLs are an essential part of our immune systems, helping to protect our bodies from disease. They function by recognising and killing cancer cells as well as cells that have become infected with viruses. Gillian’s research combines genetics, biochemistry and imaging to reveal the mechanisms by which CTLs deliver their lethal cargo to kill diseased and damaged cells. Her work lays the foundations for the development of targeted cancer immunotherapy.

Created in 1897 from a fund to the memory of London physician Sir George Buchanan (1831–1895), the Buchanan Medal is awarded for distinguished contributions to the biomedical sciences. Gillian is the first female scientist to win the award, continuing her history of pioneering leadership. Gillian was Director of CIMR from 2012-2017, and remains an active and highly collaborative member of our research community.