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Cambridge Institute for Medical Research



Jess Bartlet is the public engagement lead at the CIMR. Jess is responsible for leading on the design and delivery of the public engagement strategy, and manages the PESC. 


Public engagement steering committee (PESC):

The role of the committee is to oversee and support the PE strategy and programmes at the CIMR. The committee reflects on the current programme and advises on the development of new projects. The steering committee meets four times a year. 

The purpose of the PESC is to:

  • Support the development and delivery of an impactful public engagement strategy and programmes for CIMR
  • Decide the optimal use of CIMR resources for PE activities, and support activities to obtain further resources
  • Promote and champion PE within CIMR and actively contribute towards its greater inclusion and presence within CIMR Institute culture and practice
  • Support, encourage and recognise CIMR scientists who wish to participate in PE


PESC Membership:

David Gershlick (PI)

Jess Bartlet (PE Coordinator, Chair)

Julian Rayner (CIMR Director, PI)

Leah Hunter (PhD Student, Weekes Lab)

Nikita Zubkov (Research Assistant, Marciniak Lab)

Reiner Schulte (Head of Flow Cytometry)

Simon Ridley (Scientific Research Strategy Manager)

Stefan Marciniak (PI)