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The CIMR 4 year PhD programme

Thank you for your interest in our 4-year PhD programme. This programme allows graduate students to experience the wide range of disciplines within the CIMR. It is designed so that you can undertake 3 ten-week mini projects with any of the PIs in the Institute. You can choose from subjects as diverse as crystallography, cell biology, genetics or immunology. These projects will be interspersed with workshops and seminars to help you to make an informed choice about the supervisor with whom you wish to work for your 3 year PhD. It also allows you to develop a project that dovetails with your own interests. For example, you may take experiences from each of the mini projects and mould them together as the subject for your PhD. The programme also aims to develop the transferable skills of literature review, writing papers and grants and giving presentations. All this is achieved in the supportive environment of the CIMR.

Please look at the information provided on our website and contact our Programme Administrator if you have any further questions.

We look forward to you joining the CIMR for your PhD.

Margaret Robinson and Evan Reid




Margaret Robinson

Professor Margaret Robinson

Director of CIMR PhD programme



Evan Reid

Dr Evan Reid

Deputy Programme Director


Programme Administrator

Amanda Goldsmith