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Cambridge Institute for Medical Research

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Our strategy

We aim to create an inspiring environment in which outstanding scientists can excel. By providing state-of-the-art core facilities and support for our researchers, we foster new collaborations that spark discoveries about fundamental cellular processes and their relevance in disease.

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Research advances

In Immunity, the Griffiths lab use high-resolution 4D imaging to dissect the key steps that mediate T cell killing through the immunological synapse. They reveal that actin depletion precedes centrosome polarization, initiating the events that drive toxic granule secretion.

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Research advances

Reporting in Cell Stem Cell, the Göttgens group report the use for the first time of a combination of single cell biology tools — including single cell gene expression profiling and single cell transplantation assays — to define the molecular signature of functional blood stem cells.

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Student Open Day 2015

Register for the Student Open Day on July 16th, jointly hosted by the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research and King’s College, Cambridge. An opportunity for AS and A-level students to come and experience our research environment first-hand.

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Body's serial killers captured on film

In a new research video produced by Jonny Settle (Research Communications, Cambridge University), Gillian Griffiths describes the T cell army of serial killers that "patrol our bodies, identifying and destroying virally infected and cancer cells ... with remarkable precision and efficiency.”

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The University spin-out company XO1 Ltd, which Jim Huntington is co-founder and director of, has been acquired by the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company Janssen. They will continue the pre-clinical development of ichorcumab, a synthetic antibody against thrombin that promotes anti-coagulation without increased bleeding risk.

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A unique partnership between basic and clinical research, aiming to understand the cellular basis of disease

New publications

Woods lab (Nature Genetics 2015)

PRDM12 regulates congenital insensitivity to pain.

Göttgens lab (Cell Stem Cell 2015)

Combined single cell analysis of blood stem cells.

Griffiths lab (Immunity 2015)

The immune synapse in 4D.

WT/JDRF Diabetes and Inflammation lab (Nature Comms 2015)

Seasonal immunity.

Lehner lab (Plos Path. 2015)

Expanded targets for human cytomegalovirus US2.

Rubinsztein lab (Nature Chem. Biol. 2015)

QPCT control of huntingtin aggregation.


Ron lab (Science 2015)

A target for memory-enhancing compound.