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Cambridge Institute for Medical Research


We had a great time taking part in the Big Biomedical Campus Day as part of the Cambridge Festival on Saturday 16th March. Researchers from CIMR spent the day at Cambridge Academy of Science & Technology along with lots of other departments and organisations from the School of Clinical Medicine, Addenbrooke's Hospital and companies based on the Campus. 

Visitors learned all about high-tech microscopes, and had a go with some (slightly less high-tech versions!) themselves. They also had the chance to get creative and design 'cells' in petri dishes, and test their skills at molecule building. Events like this are a fantastic opportunity for us to spread the word about our work, and explain some complex science in accessible ways.

Janin, Jennifer, Adriana, Aswathy, Shalini and Aishwarya really enjoyed meeting everyone and we're looking forward to next weekend when some of our researchers will be at the Pathology Department as part of the Festival's Family weekend.