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Cambridge Institute for Medical Research


We were very pleased to take part in RAREfest22, a two-day science, technology, community and arts festival organised by the Cambridge Rare Disease Network, and centred on people living with rare disease.

As part of the RAREfest22 talks programme, CIMR’s Prof. Evan Reid gave a well-received presentation about the links between the DNA code, proteins and rare disease. In the exhibition hall, CIMR’s busy and interactive stand was themed ‘Rare diseases under the microscope’. Attendees learnt from CIMR Principal Investigators (Prof. Reid, Prof. Stefan Marciniak, Dr David Gershlick) and researchers from their respective labs (Julia Kleniuk, Dr Joe Chambers, Max Schwiening, Dr Bret Sanders) about how different types of microscopy are used at CIMR to uncover the molecular mechanisms of rare diseases, and why this is important. RAREfest22 was also an important opportunity to listen to people affected by different rare diseases, and to meet with others also working in this research area.